Wednesday, September 2, 2009

re-do of german culture event and ceramics posters

i feel like this second assignment was a little more successful for me. i wish my clay graphic could have been a little more tight but overall i felt my concept for the ceramics poster was pretty good. i wanted to keep the idea very simple because i wanted it to appeal to all age groups. with the german culture poster i wanted there to be a clear german feel. i know when i think about germany i immediately gravitate towards bratwurst. my family is of german descent and my father is a meatcutter so bratwurst is very important to him. rather than make a joke about the brat i wanted to push the idea of "linking" with another culture for one night. i think the poster was mostly successful. the graphic might have divided the space a little too much but i feel like it serves the purpose of grabbing a lot of attention. i still think i have a lot to work on with the blocks of text. i'm pretty comfortable with headlines for the posters (at least i feel like i am) but arranging the other information is still giving me a headache. overall, the time restraints are still the biggest difficulty for me. with my other classwork it is hard for me to dedicate a whole lot of time to these projects and still get some sleep. i'm excited about the 11x17 posters for friday. i'm excited to see how i will work with a larger space and what it will look like when it is actually printed out. we'll see what will happen.

life note: school is making my life a social disaster. i love watching my friends hanging out and going out while i am pretty much glued to my computer, to my desk, or to my paints.

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