Wednesday, September 23, 2009

gouache update

so i haven't blogged about any of my gouache work yet so here it is. the first gouache thing we did was a subject of our own choosing so i chose to do a sweet looking dog and some rocks and a sky. i did not finish the whole thing, but color is applied to the whole piece. i started working on the rocks with a bit more detail and i think they were starting to work. if i were to finish the whole thing it might turn out okay in my opinion.

the second thing we did was a product illustration. this didn't have to be in gouache but i did because i like it a bit more than watercolor. it allows me a little greater control when working with the paint. i decided to do a mountain dew can for the illustration because mountain dew is the greatest soda ever! the new can design pisses me off so i did an older version of it. i think it turned out nicely. i regret painting the background. i should have changed the color of it or not painted it at all. i think the lettering was the hardest part because it left less chances for mistakes.

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