Wednesday, September 9, 2009

native american heritage month poster

so i guess i didn't really start out with a concept for this one so i'm thinking i might have to re-do the whole thing. i actually really like the look of the lines with the arrowheads because it draws the eye down the page but the overall ideas in the poster need to be more centralized. i think i know where i want to go with it....its just a matter of doing it. any thoughts on this one would be great though!

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  1. Hi Rose,
    Yep, you need a concept. Think of the headline as a device to stop the viewer and express the "catch". It should relate to the illustration/graphic/photograph. It should contrast or compliment the visual. The arrow idea could work if you give it some structure - make an arrow of arrows. Don't do the descending from the typeface thing. Decide on a grid and use it. Your information has no reason to be in the layout where it is. It is random.

    All the elements are roughly the same scale. The hierarchy is weak.