Friday, September 4, 2009

re-do of latin dance party and truman rock climbing club posters

yea so i'm about to make this post very late on a friday night...awesome. obviously i have the most fun life ever! so this third poster assignment was about the same as the last one in my opinion. i'm still having problems with the "extra" type in the layouts. i feel like i have a semi-good grasp of the headlines, although i still need to work on placement of some the words. i kind of lose interest in the poster after i make the headline/graphic and just place the the "extra" type semi-randomly. its one of my weak points. the mountain climbing poster was just okay. i wanted to make it look like a mountain range dissolving in the "tools" that mountain climbers use. i don't think the two styles of graphics really matched, and that was pointed out in class. i think i was kind of going in the right direction though. with the other poster, it was hard to get away from cliches. i actually didn't get away from them at all. i went straight for the picture of the two people in a dancing position. awesome...i wanted to make the subject of the poster recognizable, but i don't think i tried enough options to make anything worth looking at. obviously i wish i could re-do this poster. looking at other peoples stuff in class has actually inspired me a bit. i realize there are other techniques that i am not effectively utilizing. it will take me a while to get out of my comfort zone but i think it will eventually happen.

life note: its really sad when a group of friends can't think of doing anything fun on a friday night. we need to be a bit more creative.

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