Thursday, September 17, 2009

final--native american heritage month poster

so this is the final revison on this poster. i added the drop shadow behind the quote to make it easier to read and i made the little line graphics bolder and larger to make them stand out. overall i'm pretty happy with it, even though our professor said he would make us all start over. although it may not be the greatest poster of all time, it is better than the one i started with. and i think i've learned a few things with this assignment mainly about concepts. it is much easier to create something when you have an idea behind it. trying to design something without any semblance of a plan is a not a good idea. also i've realized that i need to try new things. i think there is always the fallback of "oh this has worked before so i'll just do that again." this makes work boring and i want to be able to be a versatile designer. i'm definitely not there yet, but could be in the future.

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