Monday, November 16, 2009

red barn

this is the first rev of red barn for me. i was supposed to have done one previous to this one, but i didn't :). we have to do a poster, a newspaper ad, a brochure, and a banner ad so time is definitely an issue. these took me at least 6 hours to do...blah. i'm kinda happy with these though. i like how i did the red barn letters and i like the slogan i came up with. jesus it took a long time for me to come up with something. who knew it would be so difficult? anyways i think i know what i need to do to get it done and get it the way i want it. hopefully it will work out.

sound illustration pencil comp

here is the pencil comp of my sound illustration. its supposed to be sound waves coming off of someone tapping a champagne glass with a at a wedding...oh how sweet. i really hate when people do that, but its one of the only things i could think of. i'm not quite sure how the marker comp is going to go, but i'll give it a go. i'm really excited about this one though. if it turns out the way i'm planning it it will be pretty good.

final missouri postcard illustration

i really liked doing this project. it is much easier to work in a smaller area. i used watercolor for this one and i'm pretty pleased with myself. i haven't really used it since the beginning of the semester so it was interesting to see how much i could do. it took me about 4 hours to finish the whole thing. i don't know if that is more or less time than it was supposed to take but whatever. i'm pretty happy with the result. i am really happy with how i resolved the indian on the back of the horse. in the marker comp it was pretty unclear but it is pretty obvious now. i think its a good tribute to my hometown of kc :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

sound illustration

this is a really hard assignment for me. i could not think of anything to illustrate. the sketches above are what i came up with. i don't really like any of them, but people in the class seemed to like the idea of the "ting" so thats what i'm going to do. we'll see how the marker comp turns out when i do it.

missouri postcard illustration

blah i hate this project because i pretty much hate missouri. well i guess not hate but strongly dislike. i'm from kansas city and haven't really explored any other part of missouri so i chose some places and things i love about kc. i always love the plaza lights around christmas time so i thought i would put those in there. i also love all the fountains and the statues within the fountains so i put those in there too. my marker comp is a little rough, but i think once i do it in paint it will be more clear. i'm really pressed for time on this so i hope i can turn out something nice.

cheesy illustration marker comp

this is another airbrush assignment we have to do. we didn't do a pencil sketches so this marker comp was the first step. we were supposed to pick the cheesiest thing we could think of. i couldn't think of anything for the longest time and it was pissing me off. i stumbled across this sweet picture of piglet and tigger and i knew what i was going to do. the picture was only the two of them and the acorns so i added the green grass and the blue sky. i think if i can pull this off the way i'm envisioning it, i will be very happy with myself :)

airbrush time

so we started airbrushing and i'm not liking it so much. the actual act of airbrushing is fun its just the result that is bad for me. we started off by doing something simple...we had to make all these cubes, circles, and cones. it was a little rough because it was my first time using frisket. most of them have marks where the airbrush ink seeped through the cracks. we also were told to airbrush some fruit. my first attempt is pretty horrible. i tried to do an apple and it ended up looking super choppy. my second attempt was a pear. i think i did better with the shape of the fruit, but the colored pencil dots kinda ruined it a bit. i don't know...i think i've improved since i started.

world record marker comp

here is the world record illustration with the color on it. i wanted to keep the sky and world simple to keep the emphasis on the sandcastle. i've actually painted the final illustration already and have put more detail into these things. the final will be up soon.