Sunday, August 30, 2009

re-do of art gala and greek posters

the beginning of the year is always trying because i am not ready for summer to end yet. this assignment was my first of the new semester and it was an ok one. i am a procrastinator so i wish i would have started a lot earlier in the weekend on it. i feel like i had some good ideas but didn't exactly execute the way i expected to but i feel like my ideas are mostly solid. i like the idea of trying to help others on campus fix their posters because it will ultimately help them get more people to go to or participate in whatever the flyer is for. not that we are actually going to give them our designs, but i just like the idea of doing that. with these two posters, i tried to keep everything really simple. whenever i'm walking past a bulletin board or place where posters are hung, i usually don't have a lot of time on my hands to marvel at awesome pictures or pick through tons and tons of information. i just want a huge element of some kind to catch my attention and then for the poster to tell me the pertinent information so i can be on my way. with the greek poster i tried to add elements that i considered to "look greek." i know that if someone is interested in greece or the greek language this might catch their attention. the type is very large on the top and this also helps attract attention. with my art gala poster i wasn't really sure where to go with it. everything i thought of was pretty stereotypical so again i just went with something very very simple. "show off your work" is the main point of the poster and i explicitly stated that. i put the hands behind the grey box to attempt to show someone holding a piece of work and showing it off. i think that if i tweek anything else i would completely drive myself crazy so i am just going to let these posters be.

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