Tuesday, September 28, 2010

la biennale

So this weekend has been weird. I really didn't feel like doing anything, but I worked up the energy to head to the Biennale on Sunday. It was pretty cool. It really makes me want to be an architect for the sole reason that I would get to build the models. They are soo cool. The Biennale is a collection of architecture exhibits from around the world. Most countries have their own pavilion of things. It was interesting to see the differences between each pavilion. I put pictures up of most of the pavilions on flickr. Unfortunately my camera died about halfway through so I don't have pictures of all of it. My favorite pavilion was the one from the Netherlands. When you walk into the pavilion you think its empty then you look up and see all these blue squares. Wtf? Then you walk upstairs and realize its a cityscape. All the buildings are made out of foam. It was pretty cool. I also liked the Belgian pavilion because it displayed pieces of flooring, carpet, railings, etc. that had been taken out of use. They did this to show the effects on certain materials with constant use. For example, there was a large piece of carpet on the wall. It had been taken from a house and it originally was in a room with a wood-burning stove. You could see where most people walked on it and how the fire affected it. It was pretty cool. A lot of the exhibits were interactive as well. The Great Britain pavilion included a wood structure you could climb up. There were places to draw and to sleep and to lounge. The Greek pavilion was called "The Ark." It was a wooden boat-like structure filled with everything one would need for living on a boat. Pretty neat.
There was also a main building for smaller exhibits. This housed more abstract works still under the realm of architecture. Look at my pics and you will know what I'm talking about and if there are questions just ask me :).

Yesterday, I woke up feeling horrible. I had a really bad stomach ache and decided not to go to school. I slept until 2 pm and felt a little better. I still didn't want to do anything so I just watched stuff on my computer all day. I don't know if any of you know of the show Roswell but I've been watching a lot of it. I have all the seasons on my external hard drive and I've probably watched each episode about 3 times now. You would think I would be sick of it but I'm not.

Today, I decided to try and talk more in class and be less afraid. In the first part of the class, I think I did better. I was in good spirits and lively. We took our normal break and after I had my coffee and my marmellata I thought things would stay the same. Things took a turn for the worse. I lost all my energy to focus and didn't want to talk about anything. Ugh. The teacher after the break is different then the one in the morning and does not offer great encouragement. She only offers small threats. I will send you back to level 2 if you don't start speaking now! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Today after I get done with my interneting I am planning on going to an exhibit about Leonardo Da Vinci. I'll let you know how it goes in my next post.

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