Monday, September 20, 2010

mmmmm gnocchi :)

So I don't remember what I talked about last time. Sorry if I repeat anything. Life has been pretty much the same here. Class is going well I guess. Last week I was in level 2 and this week they moved me to level 3, so we'll see how that goes. I know the grammar pretty well, its just the speaking that gets me. I am trying to be less shy and am slowly coming out of my shell I guess. Another thing that has changed is the person I'm staying with. I noticed that I didn't see her all weekend, so I was kinda worried. I woke up this morning to a note from her sister saying that Annamaria had to leave suddenly and that she would back in a few days. I was just getting comfortable with Annamaria and now I have to try and get comfortable with her sister! Ugh I hope she is back sooner than later.

I finally went out to eat! I went out twice on Friday. For lunch I had gnocchi, which is God's gift to mankind, and for dinner I had spaghetti, I will always love my spaghetti. Both meals were delicious. I also had some wine with dinner which was fantastic. It wasn't much different then what I drink at home, but it was only the first time. I'm sure it will get better.

Saturday it rained all day. Not fun! I only left the apartment once to go to the internet point and then spent the rest of the day inside watching movies and reading, etc. Yesterday the sun was back and I was very thankful. I woke up ready to go to the beach! I had to take the vaporetto to Lido, an island near Venice. I was surprised when I got there because they have roads and cars and buses! Civilization! It was fun just to walk around. I was nervous about actually getting to the beach because I was told a lot of them are owned by the hotels and therefore, very difficult to get onto but I easily walked to one. It was beautiful. Of course, I forgot my suit so I couldn't actually go into the water very far. I spent my time collecting seashells, there were tons with this amazing red/orange color on them, and laying on rocks getting some sun. I didn't put sunscreen on so I thought that I would be burnt, but nothing happened. I think I'm done trying to understand how my skin will react to the sun. At this point, its a mystery :)

I've also bought a few things in the past few days. Friday there was a small garage sale type thing in the square where my school is located and the stuff was pretty cool. I bought some necklaces from a woman and they are pretty cool. I thought they were pretty unique and plan on giving them as gifts when I get home. Yesterday, I found a small video store and went in to see what they had. I wanted a movie that I knew, but had an Italian language track. I ended up finding Step Up 2! Its funny to watch it in Italian, but its helping a little bit already. It helps to learn how words sound and to train yourself how to hear words at regular speed. Plus I love that movie! I've probably watched it too many times in the past few months but whatever. I also bough a mask! Its a very touristy thing to buy, but I couldn't come to Venice and not buy one. They are everywhere and they are special to the city. I bought one from this shop that I walk by everyday. I always stared at this one mask. Its beautiful and pretty cheap. I'll show everyone when I get back!

Thats pretty much all I have for you. I hope other posts are more interesting for ya! Ciao!

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