Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i don't know what to call this one

Wow its kind of been a while since I've updated so I'll try and include everything I've been up to.

First off, today is not a good day at all. I found out that a friend from high school died in a car crash. I found out over facebook. It's just not the way you want to find out about stuff like that. Even though I haven't talked to him in a while, it still hurts that he is gone. We were pretty close in high school since we had all of the same classes. We'll miss you Sebastian, you were a great guy with a great sense of humor and a great view on life.

Now for the less depressing stuff. I had a Mountain Dew! OMG it tasted sooooo good. I was told I wouldn't have one for another few weeks but low and behold one appeared. I was sitting having my morning coffee when I hear my name being called. I look up at the terrace of my school and a guy from my class is dangling the lovely green can over the side. I raced up the stairs to collect the soda. I tore it open and took a sip. It was fantastic. I tried to take small sips so that it would last longer. Apparently the guys who work on the military base can get it so one of the Americans brought some for everyone. It was the best thing ever.

Class has been going well I guess. I'm kind of blindly navigating my way through this weird set up of classes. Apparently after 4 weeks the classes end and then start over again. So I guess that means I'm moving up to level 4? We'll see. Also, I think my other two classes start this week, but I'm not completely sure. I was pulled out of class and shown times that I was supposed to meet with a new teacher. I'll let you know what happens after I have this special session. The worst thing about the school is trying to make friends. I've made some friends but they are all gone now. People are only here for 1 or 2 weeks so you get to know them and then they are gone. It really sucks. But I'm really getting used to being by myself. We'll see if anymore people come that I can make friends with.

I've been eating some really good Italian food lately because my host, Annamaria, has cooked two meals for me. One was some kind of vegetable stuffed with some kind of meat. Sorry about not knowing exactly what it is, but she said the name in Italian and I didn't catch it. She also made a salad of carrots and apples. I was like I am not eating that but it turned out to be pretty fantastic. The next day she made a really really really good soup. It was mainly rice, but it had a lot of vegetables in it. It was really thick and had minimal broth which is the way I like it. It was great.

I've pretty much been passing my time by going to museums. I bought a pass for like 12 museums in Venice, so I've taking advantage of that. This past Saturday I went to Accademia which has a lot of religious art. I mean I really don't want to ever see the stuff again. I like it and I think the paintings are beautiful but after a while they get really repetitive. It was cool though. Sunday I went to 3 museums. I only meant to go to one but they were really close to each other and I just stumbled on them so I thought why not? First I went to the Museum of Natural History. It was pretty much a collection of fossils and bones trying explain the evolution of human beings. The fossils were pretty cool. The end of the tour actually scared the crap out of me because the last 3 rooms or so is a collection of stuffed animals heads, dead bugs, etc. I walked into the room and just felt bad. I was scared that the animals were going to magically wake up and attack. I didn't like it. Plus, I felt really bad that all these animals had died. I did get to see a stuffed albino deer and a stuffed two-headed deer mount, so that was kind of interesting. After that I went to Ca' Pesaro, which is the modern art museum. I loved it! I prefer modern stuff so this was right up my alley. It made my day when I saw a couple of Kandinsky paintings. So great :) Then I went to the Palazzo Mocenigo which bothered me a lot. It was beautiful, but as I was walking through I thought about what the people might say if they saw tons of tourists walking through their former home. I pictured them sitting there going about their normal business and I just didn't feel good being there. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Yesterday I went to the Palazzo Ducale, which is in Piazza San Marco. It was huge! Its weird to think that people actually lived and worked in these places. The art is fantastic, the decorations are fantastic, its all fantastic. The prison downstairs was a bit frightening. I kinda had the same feeling I did at Mocenigo. I felt like the prisoners were judging me for being there. But I survived!

I've also been planning to travel many places. You get can a train pass to a couple of countries fairly cheap so I'm gonna do that. I'm just gonna do the touristy things and try to spend the least money possible but its making my trip a lot better just thinking about going to all these places. Plus its making the weekends fill up, thus making the trip go faster.

GELATO UPDATE! I've tried sooo many flavors and three are tied for my favorite flavor. They are yogurt, coffee, and mint. Weird flavors but sooo good. I'll keep you posted if I have more flavors.

Thats all I have for now, plus I'm about to be kicked out of the school. Ciao ciao.

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