Monday, September 13, 2010

first few days

Well I guess Venice is getting better. It involves a lot of walking which is super hard on my feet but I'm getting used to it. I've been using my vaporetto pass a lot to do all the touristy things around the city. I went to the Piazza San Marco on Saturday. All I can say about that place is there are people and birds everywhere. Its hard to even focus on the surroundings because of the crowds and trying to dodge the pigeons flying in your face. Saturday night I was really bored and decided to turn on the TV just to see what channels were there. I found MTV! I got excited because it was in English. I was like thank freakin God this is actually happening. Knowing that it was there I flipped through the rest of the channels and when I got back to MTV it was no longer in English. Damn. I ended up watching two episodes of the Hills in Italian. It turned out to be pretty interesting. I understood some of what they were saying but then that show isn't that difficult to understand. At least I had a little piece of home lol. I've also discovered a Burger King and McDonalds in the city. I refused to eat at the Burger King because it was so expensive and I haven't even been inside the McDonalds. My diet the past few days has consisted of pizza and gelato. Its all good in my book haha. Yesterday I visited San Giorgio. It wasn't intentional but the vaporetto stopped there. I went inside the church there and also went to the two art exhibit they had. One was about photography and the other about an artist named Piranesi. It was pretty interesting. I didn't know what I was walking into but I was pleasantly surprised.

I started school today and I was pretty nervous about it. For the past few days I've been walking back and forth between home and school so that I wouldn't get lost. It took me about 5 times to get the route memorized. When I got here this morning I was nervous about what level they would put me in. There are 5 levels for Italian and I got put into level 2. I can understand most of what they say in class and today was mostly review. I am still nervous about the program. I only take Italian classes for the first 8 weeks and then I will take my other classes. Kinda weird but I'll get used to it. The school has activities everyday after school so I'm planning to go to that today. I think its a walking tour around the square that the school is located by which will be good if I ever want to get food or drinks nearby. Thats about all I've got.

Here are a few pictures, more to come later (I was going to upload more but my computer is being mean):

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