Friday, September 10, 2010

I just want to go home!

So...let me tell you about my trip to Italy. All of you who have listened to me talk know that I hate planes and that has not changed. I got on the first plane...not bad I guess. The flight was only an hour or so, which is a manageable time frame. The problem was that it was 45 minutes late and I almost missed my next plane. I met another girl on the flight to Dallas who was taking the plane to Madrid and we pretty much had to sprint to make it. Ugh it was horrible. Thanking God that I made this plane since it was the only one of the day, I prepared myself for the 9 hours I was going to be in this plane. Yea nothing can really prepare me for that. The beginning was okay because they fed me and we got to watch some TV. I had lasagna which was actually pretty good for being plane food. The movie was watched is called Just Wright and it stars Queen Latifah and Common. Really? This is the movie you choose. I didn't want to watch it at all but it was the only thing that was going to keep me sane. To my surprise it wasn't that bad. I missed a major plot point when I had to let my seat mate out to use the bathroom, but I think I put the pieces together. After the movie they showed an episode of the Office, which made me feel better. I wished they would've showed more. After all that we still had like 6 hours left. Ugh. I fell asleep soundly for the first 2 and then after that it was a struggle. I just wanted to stretch out and turn over. Plus, the person next to me was sleeping completely soundly. He was pissing me off so much. When the plane landed and I could finally stand up it was like a piece of heaven.

The Madrid airport made the trip hell again. It is the most confusing place I've ever been. I asked three different people the same question and they all gave me a different answer. After about 3 laps around this one floor I was able to find my plane with only about 10 minutes to spare. I looked like a wreck. I got on the plane pretty quickly, boy I did not want to get on another plane. I pretty much immediately fell asleep, which felt amazing. My neck pillow was a life saver. I woke up with about 20 minutes to go and enjoyed looking out the window at the Italian landscape. My plane was about 30 minutes late so I had to rush to get to the place I needed to be. I had to get my luggage, find a bank to get some euros, buy a bus ticket, and make it to the Piazzale Roma (which is 20 minutes from the airport) in about 35 minutes. Needless to say I was about 25 minutes late, sweating, and stressed.

I get to the Piazzale Roma and find the person I'm meeting with. We have to wait in line at the ticket place so I can buy a waterbus pass. I didn't really want one but I think now that I can use it to travel to the islands and then not buy one the last few months I'm here. We took the waterbus to a stop about 10 minutes from my apartment. The canals and buildings are beautiful! There are so many people and so much to look at. I'm happy I'm here, but I just want to sit down and not being carrying this luggage. We get to the bus stop, but we still had to walk. I had to drag my luggage all the way there. I made tons of noise which was pretty embarrassing but there wasn't really much I could do. I get to my apartment, thank God, and its pretty nice. I'm nervous about sharing the living room, bathroom, and kitchen because I don't want to impose on this woman. She is pretty nice and really helpful. After I got to the apartment and took the tour, I called my mom. This is where the breakdown started. I really thought I would be fine, but I guess not so much. I got a hold of her and started tearing up. Of course I made it okay and I'm safe, but honestly at that point I was just stressed and wanted to be home. I hung up the phone and had a good long cry. I decided that I just needed to get out, but after about a 10 minute walk I turned back around. I went back to the apartment and went to bed. I slept from 7 pm to 7:30 am. I was super tired and homesick and jetlagged so sleeping felt like the best option.

Now here I am, 11:20 am, still tired, haven't had anything to eat yet, sitting in the middle of my schools lobby using the internet trying to calm down. The internet is free at school so I'll probably use it everyday. I don't have it at home so that kinda sucks. But anyways, my shoulders are sore from my luggage, I'm still tired, I'm hungry, I'm homesick, and I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow. Meh thats all I feel like writing right now so hopefully its a happier post next time.


  1. Sad, Rose!! At least you made it there! :) I think you just needed the long cry...I would probably cry after all that, too.

    I'm sure it will get better once you're used to it...and once you find some sexy Italian man who you can share spaghetti with. Take lots of pictures and keep blogging! We miss you in viscomm!

  2. Glad to hear your safe, cant wait to hear more adventures from you, hopefully better ones!