Wednesday, August 11, 2010

updates on life

so i never thought i would use this blog again, but i want to get back into it so that i can keep everyone updated with stuff that happens in italy. i hope you like the new design. i thought i would be more interested in looking at the blog everyday if i designed a little bit of it. i decided to put some stylized faces of myself on top because everyone is always saying that i make the most interesting faces. i think it looks kinda cool. i'll probably change it pretty quickly cause i can never stick with one thing for too long.

i guess i should talk about my summer a little bit. the summer started out really well. i got to participate in jba, which is a camp at truman state universtiy where kids get to take a class, live in the dorms, and do lots of fun activities. i met soo many amazing people. i can't even believe how well i got to know some people. i just light up when i see them...i never thought that could happen in such a short time. although, i guess its kind of inevitable when you spend every single hour with someone for that long of a time. anyways, i will never forget the experience.

i've also got to spend more time with my core group of friends this summer. i usually never get to see them during the 3 month break, but that has changed this summer. a few of them and i have become really close, at least in my opinion. i cherish my friends more than any of them will ever know.

its gonna be really weird spending the semester abroad. i don't want to miss out on any the crazy antics in kirksville, but i couldn't pass up the chance to study abroad. i'm going to venice, which is a city that i have always wanted to visit. i can't even imagine having this experience in another place. i will be kind of limited on money, but i've made peace with it. i'm looking forward to getting creative with the activities i can do. i really only want to travel to one or two places so i think the money thing will be fine. i get more and more excited about everything every time i think about it. everyone better be ready for a ton of pictures! i will try to update every one or two days depending on internet availability.

thats all for now, pretty lame post, but what are you gonna do.

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