Wednesday, December 16, 2009

final illustration portfolio

world record illustration- total time: 12 hours

cheesy illustration- total time: 10 hours

sound illustration- total time: 10 hours

product illustration- total time: 6 hours

book cover- total time: 8 hours

missouri postcard illustration- total time: 4 hours

3 image gouache montage- total time: 10 hours
dmv cartoon-total time: 7 hours
a lot of my thoughts about my projects are already stated earlier in my blog so i thought i would just offer my final thoughts about the semester in this portfolio. the roughest project was the 3 image gouache montage because we had to re-do it. i thought that i spent a lot time on the original but the second version turned out a lot better. the bundt cake gave me real trouble but it looked a lot better when i re-did it. the texture on the sock monkey looks a lot better too. i really like the world record illustration. i felt like the texture in the water that i created was pretty effective and i liked the splatter effect in the sky for the stars.
overall, im just glad i survived this class. i was really scared to take this class at the beginning of the year and i feel like i've improved over time, even if by the smallest margin. i feel like i hit my stride with the dmv cartoon. it was really fun and my final result was pretty cool. i was really proud of myself on the book cover illustration even if its still not up to par with the rest of the class. i have grown more comfortable with myself over the semester. i was nervous to work with watercolor, and i know that i have more to learn, but it is less daunting to me now. airbrush was also a new media for me, but it was fun. the only thing i hated was trying to find a dang airbrush that worked! and frisket was a little difficult too. overall this class was a good one but i would never want to take it again!

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