Wednesday, December 16, 2009

final viscom 2 portfolio

red barn campaign- total time: 20 hours

joe 6-pack- total time: 8 hours

audiobook- total time: 6 hours

native american heritage month poster- total time: 5 hours
rapala ad- total time: 7 hours
times in the woods spread- total time: 5.5 hours

professional photo pieces- total time: 7 hours
i feel like i've expressed all my thoughts about my pieces earlier in my blog and the amount of time i spent on each project is under each project so i thought i would just general thoughts on the semester in this final portfolio. i feel like i have definitely progressed with my skills this year. i was little skakey at the beginning when we did all those re-do posters...but my confidence has grown throughout the semester. my favorite project was joe 6-pack. it allowed for more freedom...although i always love given perameters. joe 6-pack was a little more playful and i like doing 3D projects. they feel more like real jobs because the end result is more tangible than something mounted on foamcore. i think that a lot of my projects would have been better with a bit more time, but that is the way things go. sometimes you might not get the amount of time you think you deserve to finish a project. i think that this class has taught me a little bit about how to role with the punches and get things done even when i didn't think that i could. i know now that i can do it and still turn out some pretty decent work in the process. i'm excited about my future viscom classes. i made it through boot camp!

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