Friday, December 11, 2009

final red barn

just posted the second rev, but this is the final! i'm so happy this project is over. frankly i'm sick of looking at it and i hate the color red! i kept the same images within the layout, but decide to mess around with some gradient action. i liked the effect it had so i went with it on my layouts. i like how the images fade into the red on the sides of all the pieces. again it took about an hour and a half to revise each one so a kind of hefty amount of time. while not the most original idea in the bunch, i feel like i executed it pretty nicely. i don't know how everyone feels, but whatever. i've learned over the semester that while you should value others opinion take professors advice, sometimes you have to go with what you like, otherwise your work will not be yours anymore. what started out as something you believed in and liked will be morphed into something you don't even recognize. i still do appreciate the opinions of others, even though i do not ask for them very much. that is something i need to work on. yay red barn is finished!

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