Monday, October 25, 2010

its a coldplay kinda week

Wow so I've done nothing this week. After my trip to Verona, my legs hurt for about 3 days so I didn't want to do any walking. Monday after class I went to the small island of Torcello to look around because my art teacher told me to. I had also planned on seeing it, but this actually forced me to go do it. After missing the correct vaporetto stop I arrived at the church just in time to see it before they closed. I think the people were a bit angry that I actually wanted to go in. They looked like they were all ready to hit the road and be done with work for the day. took an hour to get there so I was definitely staying to look around for a few minutes. It was pretty cool. The floor is covered in this fantastic marble work. I wish I could have taken a picture of it. It was amazing. The rest of it just kinda looked like a typical church. When I was finished inside the church I walked around outside for awhile. It was a bit creepy because the place was completely deserted. Only about 30 people live on the island and I arrived after all the crowds, so it was a ghost town. I saw some beautiful orchards and got a closer look at the mountains. I started walking back to the vaporetto stop and felt like I was going to be murdered by a gang of cats. They were everywhere. It was a bit insane. I took a picture of 4 of them as they stared me down. I waited at the vaporetto stop for 30 minutes because they only run every half an hour. The sad thing is I could see it just sitting across the water waiting until the correct time. I was like I could just swim this and be there. Whatever I waited and had a photo shoot with the beautiful sunset. I got home an hour later and made my usual dinner of a blt and potatoes. Yummy.

Tuesday was kind of the most horrible day ever. Instead of having class on Thursday, I met with art teacher at Piazza San Marco to take a walking tour and get a bit of the history of the place. Class is usually only 2 hours, but this turned into a 4 hour excursion. After we finished my brain was filled to the brim with information and I kind of wanted to die. It was really interesting but overwhelming. I need to go back to the basilica to experience it without all this information being thrown at me. It is crazy how amazing the place really is.

Wednesday I had my history class which went the same as it always does. I'm nervous about the papers for both the art and history classes. I hate writing papers! I'm so bad at them. They always end up being filled with fluff and no actual content. I guess we'll see how they turn out. Ugh totally dreading them.

Other than that I really didn't do anything the rest of the week. I have been a little homesick lately and I'm not sure why. I guess I've just been thinking a lot about seeing my friends and stuff and I feel like I'm missing too much of their lives. Only about 8 more weeks though! Its crazy how fast time is going. In the beginning time was moving quite slowly but now I feel like I don't have enough time. I don't think my study abroad experience can live up to other peoples. I haven't done that much. I mean by my standards I have, but by others I don't know. Anyways now I'm just rambling. Sadly thats all I have to say about this week and whats been going on. Not exciting at all. Hopefully my next post will be more lively :) Ciao.

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