Sunday, October 11, 2009

revised professional photo layouts

so with in the layout for the ad, i added a cut out of a family on vacation to emphasize what the ad was actually for. i also changed the coloring of the some of the text in the headline to add emphasis as well. i like this one better than the initial. with the poster i needed more of a concept so i put a quote above the picture instead of saying study abroad. i also added a little silhouette of italy to the bottom to jazz it up a bit. not sure how much i like this one, but i think with some tweaking it could get there. in the magazine layout i cut the picture off so it didn't go over the gutter and made the columns of text on the right page a bit bigger, moving from a five column grid to a six column grid. there was a lot of text so i decided to break it up with a picture because there wasn't really a quote i could pull out and use. the article is about free things to do in when rome when on vacation so i thought a statue would suit that idea nicely. i think its pretty effective. other than that i just added a bit more space between the picture and the text underneath it. this is my favorite layout of the three so far. we'll see what happens with the next revision.

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