Wednesday, October 14, 2009

*midterm portfolio* --illustration

oh best friend :) actually illustration doesn't like me very much so i tried to choose my best works of the semester. we'll see how it turns out.


this is one of the first watercolors we did. its still not where it could be but its a lot better than previous ones. i'm a complete control freak so watercolor is not my friend. i chose this watercolor in particular because i tried to be less exact with the lines i made. i tried to let me hand loosely place the colors on the page. some parts work and others don't. it probably took me about an hour to finish this one. while not the greatest thing ever, its pretty good for me.


this is an illustration we did of architecture. i chose this one because i like the look of it and again it demonstrates me going outside of my comfort zone and trying to be a little more gestural with my watercolor work. i could have added a bit more detail but i have learned the more i work on something and just add and add and add detail, the worse it gets. it just gets muddy. so i thought this was a semi-good balance of detail and gestural work. i just really like this one a lot.


this assignment was our product illustration. we had to try and make it look as realistic as possible. i chose a mountain dew can because it is my favorite drink. i chose the older version of the can because the newer design is just plain ugly. i think it turned out pretty well. i started with the mountain dew logo first because i felt i could mess that up the most. i wish it was a bit tighter. i should have gone back and carefully outlined the letters and then gone over the white a bit more. the green part of the can and the "swirls" were pretty easy...pretty gestural. i actually think that the most successful part is the top of the can. i felt i did a good job of imitating the shiny metal on top. i hate the background...but overall i thought i did a fine job.


this is my favorite project of the semester and probably the most successful for me. it was because i didn't have to use watercolor or gouache! we were asked to create a "gag" relating to something within the dmv. for me the worst part of the dmv is getting your picture taken so i thought i would do something with that. i like my laughing guy the best. i think he really makes the whole cartoon. we started with line work and then scanned the piece into the computer, then added color using photoshop. i liked doing that it was really fun and i had never done it before so i learned something new! i really liked doing this project because i had a bit more control over the piece. i'm really happy with this one.


this is our most recent project, the 3 image gouache montage. we were told to pick 3 unrelated objects and put them into one cohesive composition. i chose a sock monkey, a bundt cake, and cork screw. i feel like its pretty successful. it looks almost identical to my marker comp so i was happy about that. i should have spent a bit more time on it, but i felt like if i messed with it anymore it would totally be destroyed. i think i like the cork screw the best. it has the most realistic feel and pops off the background. i would probably change some of the coloring on the bundt cake, but it was pretty successful as well. i'm still not as comfortable with gouache as i would like to be. i need to practice more!

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