Thursday, October 8, 2009

advanced digital graphics update

here are the three large projects we have completed for advanced digital graphics so far. the other things in the class are just to practice the techniques we learn on a particular day. the first is a typographic alphabet with a sports theme. the second is a stamp series relating to something within visual communications so i did typography and different ways it could be created. the third is a collage based on a word that we used to describe ourselves. i chose the word moody and took it to mean someone who is happy one minute and sad the next. the collage is very reliant on the contrast between the light and dark objects.

life note: i've been a little out of focus the past couple of weeks but i feel like that is turning around. a few incidents that i'm not really proud of (but don't regret) have made me rethink some things. hoping things get a bit better for my group of friends and extremely better for me.

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